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Honkytonks presents TIM DOG (NYC)

Author: honkytonks
Friday, April 29, 2005
Sunday 8th May
Support from Arks / Kano / Ransom / JRed/ Art of War and Hosted by Bias B

(THE Original Bronx Nigga!) - responsible for many dope, dope old school classics - including (the incredible) 'Chorus Line' - Ultramagnetic MC's plus of course his own classic albums 'Penicillin on Wax' which included the platinum selling single 'Fuck Compton' - (voted #10 in the SOURCE top 100 rhymes of time - THE track which initiated heated battles between east and west coast MC's back in the day) - , and the album 'Do or Die' which included the classic single 'I Get Wrecked' - featuring KRS1.

Sunday May 8th
Parental Advisory - Explicit Lyrics!!
live at Honkytonks
Honkytonks - Duckboard Place, City
$20 - limited tickets available from Obese, Northside Records, Central Station, This Is It, & Honkytonks


Rapper Tim Dog started his career in the mid 80's when Tony Miller to older brother of Ced-Gee from the Ultramagnetic Mc's introduced him to Scott La Rock of Boogie Down Productions. Scott took a liking to Tim and started working on his solo career "Scott taught me the value of image and presentation" "I learned that being the best is no way nearly important as being your best". Scott unfortunately met an untimely death leaving Tim with no outlet to express his talent it was then when that Patrick Miller the younger brother of Ced-Gee took him under his wings and got him involved with Ced. Now Tim is working with Ced in the studio recording his demo when Ced gave Tim the opportunity of a life time the chance to be on a single called "Chorus Line" this classic debut marked the beginning of Tim's career and the World knowing for the first time the name Tim Dog.

Tim Dog released the controversial single "Fuck Compton" on Ruff House Columbia/Sony records and achieved PLATINUM status worldwide which launched his career to working with such greats as Krs-1, Public enemy, Ice cube, Nice and Smooth, Ice T, SWV, Russel Simmons, Andre Harrell, Puff Daddy and many more. After a dispute with his label Sony Records Tim left the label to pursue producing.

Tim left the States and moved to Europe (London England to be exact) where he worked with Island Records Recording Artist "Apache Indian". Tim wrote and produced the first single "Make way for the Indian" which was very successful in the states giving Apache and open door to the U.S market. Tim in 96 moved back to the States to Los Angeles where he partnered with the Then President of Black Music Sony Records Eddie Pugh who left the company due to a disputed with Tommy Motola to form "Our Turn Records" "OTR". They had success with the label when they released the Hit Album "Big Time" by the group "Ultra" which was Tim Dog and Kool Keith. In 1999 Tim and Eddie parted ways and Tim launched Big City Entertainment where he now has his comeback CD "ORIGINAL DOG" the first release off the label and is proving to be Tim's hardest Record yet. "This album is for the real Hip Hop Heads and is just a taste of what in store for the future at Big City Entertainment, in Hip Hop the World is 1 Big City.