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Hive @ Seven

Author: Seven
Monday, February 21, 2005
What does the last Thursday of summer mean to you-

Hundreds upon hundreds of potential doctors, artists, lawyers, actors and IT whizzes are about to go wild for one last time.

Students from all over Melbourne are about to let loose before the hard graft of study and uni life finally clicks in.

Yes, orientation week is here.

From 18-21 years old, these guys and girls are ready to see out the summer in style.

From the commerce society to the bio-medical society, orientation week is a chance for students to congregate and start uni life with a few like minds

Promoter Rory Kemp said that the O-week celebrations just keep getting bigger, "It's almost become a ritual of university life. It's a great way to meet fellow students and break the ice."

He also said "It's good, clean fun. All of the staff really look forward to it. It's the first date that we circle in the calendar. Last year we attracted approximately 1500 hundred people."

If you think these guys are ready to let loose, check out Hive @ Seven Nightclub on 24th February when like minded students gather for $1 pots (till 10pm - $2.50 pots there after), $3 spirits (till midnight) and $3 champagnes.

The party gets underway at 8pm but, if last year's VCE results party is a prelude to events, people are advised to arrive early.

From Melbourne University to Monash, students from all over pay homage to Hive.

For a night of debauchery and frolicsome fun that parents would rather ignore, Hive's O-Week special event provides a safe and fun atmosphere for all involved.

Hive features some of Melbourne's foremost djs - including Anthony Larr, Ken Walker, and Jason Rudeboy Esquire.

Hive means more variety. In the main room will be commercial house, the lounge room is strictly for the party heads, whilst upstairs is for deep house fans.

Hive - O-Week Special Event, will be held at Seven Nightclub,
52 Albert Road,
South Melbourne,
Thursday February 24 2005.
Doors Open 8pm/Arrive by 10pm for free entry and you're stamped for $2.50 spirits all night.