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Gay German Penguins Might Be Metrosexuals

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Sunday, February 20, 2005
Zookeepers who recruited Swedish female penguins to tempt gay male penguins, backtracked this week after gay rights groups attacked "the attempts to interfere in the natural instincts of these birds' (Metro)

Bremerhaven zookeeper Heike Kuck dismissed the allegations, telling Der Speigel "the central question is, are our penguins really gay or it is a simply a lack of opportunity-' Berlin Zoo biologist Henier Klos concurred, suggesting the penguins could even be acting gay, metrosexual style.

"The pairs show signs of courtship but they don't actually get round to mating," he told the Guardian, "So I don't think we can say they are actually gay."

Another possibility could be that the penguins are "retrosexual', according to the London Standard's definition of the term ("possibly a little dirty and as unaffected by designer labels as anyone can be').

Whatever the truth, none have pulled any of the Swedish birds, Ms Kuck added.

"So far the males have scarcely thrown the females a single glance," she revealed. The men have had the opportunity but haven't done it."