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Fischerspooner Scale Back Their Ambitions

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Sunday, April 3, 2005
Fischerspooner frontman Casey Spooner has dismissed suggestions that the New York electroclash band's much hyped debut album #1 was a commercial disaster two years ago telling NME this week "it couldn't have been more successful for me, really.'

However, in another new interview with, the erstwhile megalomaniac wannabe admitted he's not quite as ambitious as he used to be.

"If everyone likes what you're doing, you aren't doing anything interesting," Spooner told the New York website. "If you're trying to challenge people's beliefs or understanding of something, people aren't going to necessarily like it always - some people do and some people don't. For me a successful audience is a divided one."

His newfound humility contrasted noticeably with his earlier attitude when he gleefully declared "the people at the top are desperate'.

"Madonna's dead, Michael Jackson's dead. Britney's OK but her virgin-whore complex is getting on my nerves," he boasted, "It's time to take over." (The Guardian)