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Ferry Corsten Interview

Author: Ryan Gawn
Monday, February 14, 2005
South American Music Conference Closing Party
Costa Salguero, Buenos Aires, Argentina
11th December 2004

Ferry Corsten closed the Progressive / Trance lineup at the first South American Music Conference. His appearances in recent months in Buenos Aires have created quite a following, and the 7,000 people that packed into the arena were left with no doubt that the Dutchman will return. Ryan Gawn spoke to Ferry about the conference and his experiences in South America.

You've become quite a regular here in Argentina, was tonight any different to any other nights you've played with Heineken-
Last time I was here, there was a party that was all about me - Heineken presents Ferry Corsten. Tonight I was part of the big lineup, a really incredible lineup with some really good DJs and so it's always different. There are people who come for this DJ, people who come for that DJ, and people who come for me. It was great.

You seem to be quite comfortable here - your Spanish is going well and you're very receptive to the crowd. It seems like they've taken you under their wing. Do you feel that or do you feel at home in other places-
To be honest I feel more at home over here in Argentina, than I would in Spain for example. I feel like the people over here are very warm and receptive compared to other people.

For Buenos Aires the conference is very important - it's competing with the likes of Miami, Detroit...
To be honest, the event that I saw tonight, the size of it, the way it has been organized, I honestly think this is the best of all of them.
This is the first time. Normally the first time, some things go wrong, but tonight, the amount of people, the organization was so tight - amazing - it was beautiful. So I think for South America, this is a massive new development in dance music.

There is the view that some local DJs were maybe displaced by international DJs. What do you think about this-
I would say to the national DJs; don't feel like you are displaced by anyone. Yes, of course, my spot could have been filled with someone else from Argentina. On the other hand, this whole event (with the international DJs) opens up the market from Argentina to the rest of the world. It gives a lot of the nation guys the exposure they would not normally have. For example Hernan Cattaneo is already doing really well in Holland as far as I know, because of Thirst. With this event, there may be a lot more national DJs who get exposed to the world. Don't see it as a threat, but as an opportunity. International DJs come over here and they take their story back home, saying that Argentine DJs are amazing etc - it's an opportunity.

Some DJs have mentioned that there's a lack of Latin influence at this conference. We could be anywhere right now. What do you think about this lack-
It may be very international, and not so Latin, but I see this as an opportunity. Of all the Latin American countries, this is probably the most forward thinking country, and forward thinking cities. This could be a very good chance to just put Argentina and South American artists on the map. I've received a couple of demos from Argentine DJs and artists. They're really good, honestly, maybe not quite up there yet, but with the right tweaking they will be great music. I think Hernan is a good example - he is doing really well in Europe, really good in Holland, due to events like this.

Due you use opportunities in Argentina to be creative or do you stick more to the normal set you do- Do you save the creative stuff for home-
It's very important to try to give your creative side. This is my second time here, so it's very important that people get familiarized with who Ferry Corsten is, so I play what Ferry Corsten is all about. The old stuff, also the newer stuff, and I'm not going too far into the new new stuff. I'll play what people know, let people get used to me, and as soon as I get a feeli