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Felix Da Housecat's Conspiracy Conundrum

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Monday, April 25, 2005
US secret police might have started targeting Felix Da Housecat as a subversive after the electroclash producer accused US authorities of somehow being involved in the death of rock legend Jimmy Hendrix.

"I don't think Hendrix just died like they said I think someone killed him," Felix told DJ magazine, "At the time he was dealing with the Black Panthers and helping a lot of radicals and I think the (US) government wanted him out of the way."

In the same, issue, however, DJ magazine reported that the massively successful dance star was inexplicably harassed by door staff at the Miami Conference, in an incident that matched a classic FBI surveillance technique known as "managed aggression.'

"DJ Mag witnessed Felix Da Housecat being turned away from the Return To New York party despite turning up in a limo Hummer, wearing the most rock star shades imaginable and personally arguing with door staff for 20 minutes,'" the magazine reported. "Inside the venue was less than half full."

According to surveillance expert Lee Adams, the disruption technique is routinely used to anger and confuse suspects, including law-abiding citizens highlighting facts the authorities wish to suppress.

"The FBI often uses surveillance as an end in itself," Mr Adams explained in a fascinating article published on numerous civil liberties sites. "As a method for suppressing dissent, criticism, and activism, nothing is more effective than letting the target know that he's under surveillance. Fear is a powerful tool," he added.