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Ewan Pearson Blasts Tory Bigots

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Monday, April 25, 2005
Philosophy lecturer turned superstar DJ Ewan Pearson urged Brits to vote against the Conservative party in the upcoming General Election, this week, whatever their misgivings over Tony Blair.

"I'm not on the register in the UK anymore I'm afraid, but I guess I would still vote for whoever was likely to win that wasn't a Tory," the nowadays Berlin based star told Skrufff.

"As bitter and disillusioned as I feel towards the Blair government over Iraq and their gleeful enthusiasm for the free-market, the Tories would always be far, far worse as their vile attempt to make immigration an election issue shows," he continued, "No one must forget that," he warned.

Ewan was chatting as he prepared to return to London to spin at his regular residency at Cargo's Come Shake The Whole, alongside fellow resident Stan Fontan and 60 something Austrian crooner Louie Austen.

"Louie is a great example; he's far cooler than Hoxton's baby fashionistas," Ewan added. "I don't see myself DJing at 60, but I hope still to be dancing 'til I'm dead in the ground. There's no reason whatever that you shouldn't carry on going out or making an exhibition of yourself as you get older,"