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Edan 'Beauty and The Beat' album announcement

Author: TranZfusion
Tuesday, April 26, 2005
'Beauty and The Beat' LP

While Edan's critically acclaimed debut, 'Primitive Plus', was a celebration of Hip-hop's golden age and a true throwback, his sophomore album, 'Beauty And The Beat', is a vast musical collage that contains many different influences; Hip-hop, rock, pop, dusty breaks, hazy loops, luxurious off-kilter samples and curveball tempo changes that are all crafted into one cohesive piece of art.

Though Edan's vast lyrical imagination and technical wizardry (he also self-produced every track) alone make 'Beauty And The Beat' a standout, it also illustrates what an artist can accomplish when he refuses to accept, or be boxed in by the limitations and genre stereotypes placed upon artists by labels, radio programmers, critics and fans alike; exemplified by Edan's ode to the limitless potential of the cosmos 'I See Colours', the album's lead-single 'Fumbling Over Words That Rhyme', a track which true Hip-hop enthusiasts and historians will not only appreciate, but ultimately debate, 'Smile', a gripping behind the scenes look at a successful yet internally tormented star and its uplifting sequel 'Promised Land' which elegantly captures 'Beauty And The Beat's underlying essence - the symbolism of imagination and its power to overcome all that is perilous with positivity, patience and understanding.

Still gloating over the Boston Red Sox's World Series championship and reversal of 'the curse', Edan's guest roster includes two of Boston's finest, as Def Juxie Mr. Lif graces 'Making Planets' and Edan's musical partner in beats and rhymes, Insight, rekindle their undeniable chemistry on 'Funky Voltron' and 'The Science Of The Two'.

Edan has produced and remixed for Mr Lif (Def Jux), Souls Of Mischief (Chocolate Industries), David Holmes & Free Association, Count Bass D and will be working on Madlib's next Quasimoto album for Stones Throw.

'Beauty & The Beat' by Edan is out now through Earshot/Inertia.