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Ed Chemical Brother Defends NME

Author: Skrufff
Wednesday, January 19, 2005
Ed from the Chemical Brothers has brushed off an unusually bitter review of their new album in this week's NME, telling Skrufff they consider Push The Button to be their best ever record.

"I'd be lying to say it's water off a duck's back, the review infuriated me initially, but in another way it's quite gratifying; that we're still here and we're still annoying people," said Ed.

"We were shot down and it was vicious, sure, but there's no way we're going to let one bad review set our agenda. I thought it was small minded and pretty pathetic really, but it's just one person's opinion."

NME (nowadays edited by one-time Muzik chief Conor McNicholas) added a "dance music still dead' caption alongside the review, though Ed was equally magnanimous about the fading indie rock title itself.

"The NME don't NOT support dance music, they give good reviews to Roots Manuva or LCD Sound System, which are good records, there isn't a totally closed mind down there, perhaps it's the fact that we come from a different era, that people think of us as people from the 90s," he mused.

"But having said that, there are times when you sound so self obsessed going on about this; there are bigger things happening in the world and it's just a record. Sure, we made it; we're bound to feel it's great but we've been doing interviews for the last month and everyone's opening gambit has been "this is your best record'. The bottom line is, we love our record and we hope people get something out of it too," said Ed.