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Dutch DJ Disses DJ Mag

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Commercial trance icon Ferry Corsten lashed out against DJ magazine this week, branding the UK magazine's complaints about Tiesto's no show at last year's top 100 DJ poll winners' party "bullshit'.

"At the time Tijs (Tiesto's nickname) was on an American tour- what does DJ expect," the Dutch cheese-meister told Australia's 3D World. "Do they expect him to drop his whole tour and only stay in America to fly back to the UK to play for a handful of industry types- I don't think it's a good deal. I think DJ Mag has gotten a bit too full of themselves and it's gotten out of control," he scoffed.

In fact, DJ criticised Tiesto for pulling out of their readers' winner's event just hours before it started (apparently because he was struggling to perfect a magic trick for a festival in Holland the next day) though they were certainly unforgiving in their angry response.

"Since his shock win in 2002, Tiesto has been feeding his ego with a score of high profile events; gigs in football stadiums, a gig in New York's Central Park- a gig at the fucking Olympics," said DJ, "Fair play, no other top 100 winner has used the title for such shrewd and calculating PR. He's the biggest DJ on the planet . . . but boy does he know it," they sneered.