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Dreadzone's 'Once Upon a TIme' album to be released on November 3rd

Author: Matt Jarvis
Monday, October 17, 2005
After a few date shuffles, the eagerly awaited fifth artist album from the mighty Dreadzone is ready to drop in just under three weeks with a tour followed closely behind.

They were the originators of a sound that blended dub and reggae with house, breaks and ambient grooves, leaving a lasting impression on an ever-growing fan base.

'Once Upon A Time' is an album that puts Dreadzone firmly back into the frame with a new collection that draws on the influence of the sound system, but takes it beyond the confines of the dancefloor, never forgetting that it is the tunes which count and the different environments that an album is listened in; whether at home, the car, the i-pod or anywhere else you can appreciate its hours worth of dub-drenched feel-good rhythms.

It aims for a place that all Dread albums reach: longevity. With its subtle blend of timeless and cutting edge, this is a record to be listened to right now but, with the depth to stand the test of time as all good albums should. With their fifth proper artist LP Dreadzone are fully aware that the world of dance music is strong on great tracks but, an album that can engage the listener beyond that is an even rarer commodity.

This is the group's most song-laden long-player so far, featuring a stronger presence of vocals, lyrics and harmonies than ever before. It is also a fuller expression of the band's wide scope; not content with a unique sound that ranges from dub to jump up dance music, live shows, DJ sets, remixes, film and TV music, here they have let their songwriting skills truly flourish.

'Once Upon A Time' reflects where the band are right now; with new blood raising the game and not letting business get in the way of the music, ensuring they deliver an 'all killer no filler' album for 2005.

Tour Dates

Fri 25th Nov - Plantation Hotel, ! Coffs Harbour
Sat 26th Nov - Harbourlife, Sydney
Wed 30th Nov - Honky Tonks, Melbourne
Thu 1st Dec - La La Land, Byron Bay
Fri 2nd Dec - Family, Brisbane
Sat 3rd Dec - Ambar, Perth

Reewind! February 2005:
It has been a long road for the band that has included both Melanie from All Saints and Alison Goldfrapp as vocalists over the years. "There was a time that she came on stage with us and would freeform over some of the tracks," remembers Dread of Goldfrapp. "The way we were playing in those days we used to have a loop going for ten or fifteen minutes on a certain tune with acid 303 sounds and vocals over the top. It was quite experimental at the time. It's over ten years ago now in '94, just before we signed with Virgin. There is quite an obscure live, limited edition album called 'Performance', and she can be heard on that."
Taken from Greg Dread interview written by Terry Goldfain and originally featured in Zebra magazine