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Digital Underground Tour Australia

Author: TranZfusion
Friday, February 25, 2005
When hip hop's official history is finally written, there's gonna be a huge chapter devoted to Digital Underground, one of the genre's most colourful, creative & landmark groups. The Oakland based funkmasters helped bring national attention to the bay area's burgeoning rap scene in the late 80's, dosing it with fun & good humour. They also brought into prominence the musical treasure chest & ideology that is "Tupac Shakur", an original D.U. member, who also went on to sell a few records.
Their live show contains all the golden nose nuggitz from the Underground, featuring the multi- platinum "Humpty Dance" as well as "Same Song", the underground hit "Kiss You Back" and the classic "doowhutchyalike" along with many other surprises. One minute they're singing, the next minute they're rapping, at other times they're playing drums and guitar while simultaneously scratching and cutting records.
Complete with costume changes, Shock G's alter egos, 3 mc's & one DJ, Digital Underground put on a show you will never forget.
February 24 - Gold Coast / Quest
February 26 - Adelaide / Fowlers Live
March 3 - Melbourne / Metro Nightclub
March 5 - Sydney / Luna Park