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Defected In The House - Miami 2005

Author: Defected
Friday, February 25, 2005
Featuring - The Original Pioneers

The Original Pioneers take over the pool at the refurbished National Hotel and create a soundtrack for a cool, laidback social event where industry professionals and ravers can mingle in the sunshine. Soulful sounds will fill the air as the finest international DJ talent will be on hand to deliver stunning sets from back in the day to the latest bullets. Barbara Tucker will be your exclusive host for the day and will also be performing her Miami monster Blaze 'Most Precious Love' LIVE. Sharing the top LIVE bill is another exclusive from Reel People performing tracks from their album, Second Guess.
TIP: Look out for our secret teepees and hammocks on the sandy terrace. You'll find special masseurs, tarot card readers and henna tattooists.
Danny Krivit, Blaze, Jay J Hernandez, Simon Dunmore, Reel People (Live), Barbara Tucker (Host)