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David Guetta: Fuck Me, I'm Not Really Famous

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Sunday, March 6, 2005
"I never had a crazy lifestyle dream and actually I don't really care, which seems very strange to a lot of people, because a lot of people think that I love hanging out with celebrities which is absolutely not true. It's just that I like parties in general, famous or not famous."

With his superstar DJ cachet, Paris strip club and apparently champagne soaked celebrity filled lifestyle, David Guetta seems like an easy target to taunt, not least with his new single being called The World Is Mine. Though the moment he opens his mouth, he's so disarmingly charming it's impossible to dislike him, not least when he's talking about designers and images.

"It's strange because although I do have some designer friends I'm not really into that image side at all, because I'm not very materialistic, I don't like the idea of spending time shopping at all, I hate it," he purrs.

"My wife is fantastic for that, she's a really funky girl and she is really helping me on that. Otherwise I would wear the same T shirt and jeans and sneakers constantly."

His wife, as Mixmag puts it, "is one of France's most famous females . . best known for being a party animal- throwing some of the biggest shindigs in Paris and attracting everyone from J-Lo to Lenny Kravitz to Mick Jagger', and also helps David runs their strip club La Suite, Paris' first ever lap-dancing club. Not that it's like London's Stringfellows, he insists.

"Our club is very different, it's a really cool club," he says, "We have also some girls coming to our club and we also do after hours during the weekend where we have the best people from every club coming down. It's a little bit different . It's difficult to explain but at the end of the night you can dance. It's not just a businessman's place. It can be that sometimes but it's not only that."

His first and enduring love, he stresses, remains music, and it's an obsession which he suggests underlies all his material success.

"I'm more passionate than others maybe; I can give 200% and I don't know a lot of people that can work as much as me, because for me what I do isn't really working," he explains.

"I would be ready to pay to go to the studio and spend some time making music as a hobby and thinking that I'm able to do it as a job is a dream, this is why I don't count the hours I put in. Every time I'm getting money to do something, I'm like: "Wow, this is incredible'."

The fruits of his latest studio sessions appear on his new album. The slightly cheesily titled Guetta Blaster, which comprises 13 slices of electro-disco-pop tunes. Standout track The World is Mine has already been one of the biggest electro-house tunes of the year (courtesy of a fantastic Depeche Mode style remix by Black Strobe) and the album looks set to at least match the 500,000 units his first album sold in France alone. With his Fuck Me I'm Famous parties continuing to pack out Ibiza's Pacha every summer, it seems likely that the world, certainly in France, remains his.

Skrufff (Jonty Skrufff): Starting with Guetta Blaster, did you have a particular concept for the album-

David Guetta: "Not really, to be honest because I don't think a lot about the music, I tend to go into the studio and have fun and make a lot of tracks. Obviously there is a certain vibe at the time when you are making music, so I'm trying to put together the ones that have a certain coherence together. Lets say I have 25 or 30 tracks and I will keep only 12 that are making the story that is relevant."

Skrufff: Are you going in the studio and working out the music first, then adding on lyrics-

David Guetta: "Yes. When I have the music, then I start thinking of a story. It's different sometimes, for example with The World Is Mine, the story came before, but this is pretty rare. The story of the song came from Scarface; there's a scene where there's a balloon in the sky and he's saying the world is yours. This guy is coming from the worst ghet