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'Dance Buenos Aires, Dance' Intro

Author: Ryan Gawn
Monday, February 14, 2005
South American Music Conference
Costa Salguero, Buenos Aires, Argentina
10th & 11th December 2004

The first South American Music Conference landed in Buenos Aires, with a host of international DJs joining local talent to the delight of over 22,000 fans. Boasting 29 international DJs, 35 South American DJs and 4 arenas of music, this event made its first tentative steps towards establishing itself in the global calendar.

The New York Times' recent article (Rachel Dodes, 12th December, 2004) commented on the influx of foreign visitors to Buenos Aires. They are described as strolling through the streets of the trendy Palermo Viejo neighbourhood, visiting the many sights that the city offers, as well as enjoying the delicious beef and wine. Nevertheless, the article, entitled "Why go now" neglected to mention yet another reason for an influx of visitors to the city - the first South American Music Conference.

Buenos Aires has long been regarded as the dance music centre of South America. After jockeying with Brazil and after hosting Creamfields Buenos Aires in 2002, Argentina has finally solidified itself as the capital of electronica in South America.
The SAMC is yet just another of Heineken Music's many offerings around the world - having maintained a strong presence in the Southern cone with Heineken Thirst, they have helped develop local DJ and music industries, as well as bring a number of international DJs to the continent. With the reputations of Detroit, Miami and the forthcoming London in Spring 2005, many saw the SAMC as the chance for Argentina and South America to become firmly established in the global calendar. Gustavo Sofovich, event organizer and producer commented on his idea and projections for the future:

Having lived in Miami, I saw the model that is the Winter Music Conference. So why not create a South American conference like Miami, so that DJs, promoters, record labels, club owners could come together- In 2004 we began the kick off for a lot of parties and conferences. In February we'll be hosting Tiesto again, and then we'll have South American Techno, which is a pure techno festival. The idea is that in 4 / 5 years, we'll be just like Miami - 4 or 5 days of conference and parties. By the 4th year we'll have over 50,000 people.

Attended by fans, musicians, DJ's, producers, radio programmers, fashion designers, distributors, music publications, music schools, record labels, event organizers and club owners the Conference gave many the opportunity to network and discuss the local and international industry. Elio Riso (Argentine DJ & producer) commented on the importance of the SAMC for South America:

I believe it's very important for South America that there's a conference, especially since for 7 or 8 years there has been the Winter Music Conference in Miami. Now the industry can begin to look at South America a lot more. Despite a larger quantity of people in Brazil, the scene is a lot more advanced in Argentina. This also creates competition with Creamfields which can only be good for the fans. With the economic situation, a lot of tourists are visiting Argentina, and this also means that there is better exposure of international DJs in the country. I think the crowd is here tonight, to see both the international and south American DJs - the DJs are giving it their best, as is the crowd.