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Damian Lazarus's Balearic Bias

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Wednesday, June 22, 2005

London scenester and Crosstown Rebels chief Damian Lazarus hooked up with Skrufff this week to discuss his new Bugged Out compilation Suck My Deck and revealed that he's the latest DJ to fall under Ibiza's fabled spell.

"Ibiza is a very important place, for me personally and for the business because there's so much new energy flowing there at the moment. There's only a couple of clubs that I'm speaking about specifically, but it's pretty special place," said Damian.

"The clubs that are important for me there are DC10, Cocoon and Space. They are definitely the more forward thinking places and I think the music that I'm playing and that we are doing as a label is definitely being heard at those places right now," he said.

The one time electroclash tastemaker currently spins minimal (ish) techy-electro house with a slightly Germanic, Berlin type feel though insisted Ibiza is the key new crucible for cutting edge sounds.

"I was on the phone earlier to the manager of Babyshambles, and apparently they are playing at Manumission this summer," he continued. I think there's a lot of new ideas being thrown around on the island and some things will stick and others won't."

"But one thing's for certain, this techno/electro/house sound is really getting a firm grip in Ibiza," Damian predicted. "As the music grows it's definitely seeping out of the underground and a lot of it into the more mainstream clubs."

Bugged Out presents Suck My Deck- Damian Lazarus: is out now on Resist Records.