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Daily Telegraph Declare Dance Music Not Dead

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, January 8, 2005
British broadsheet newspaper the Daily Telegraph published a euphoric feature on the robust health of dance music this week, flatly contradicting Guardian hack Alexis Petridis' recent assertion that club culture is finished.

"While UK club music is not the era-defining superstar-DJ led movement it was in the mid 90s, reports of its death are exaggerated," the Telegraph said, "With its influence heard everywhere from chart pop to the emerging young stars of British rock, dance music is doing just fine."

Support for Britain's much maligned club scene also came from the equally unlikely source of Scottish art-rock darlings Franz Ferdinand this week, who guest edited declining indie weekly NME this week.

"The death of dance music has been declared prematurely," FF decreed in apiece outlining their favourite micro-clubs.

"These days all the best stuff is going on in smaller, more underground clubs such as Optimo in Glasgow and Our Disco in London."

Both stories are likely to amuse DJ magazine, who just before Christmas launched an angry crusade against both NME editor Conor McNicholas (a former editor of defunct dance mag Muzik) and Petridis (a one time staff writer at Mixmag, nowadays renowned for following Dido).

"Just like that other turd Conor McNicholas, you seem to take great pleasure in pissing over a culture that helped launch your career in journalism," said DJ.

"And just like him, you boast of being an indie-kid turned dance music letch because you fell in love with drugs. That makes you a scab," they spat.