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Daft Punk: "Only Human After All'

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, March 12, 2005
French sampling stars Daft Punk sent out review copies of the much anticipated new album Human After All this week, and came under immediate and sustained critical assault for the first time in their career.

"This isn't house, disco or prog rock so much as the cacodemoniacal (evil- long words ed) screech of talons gouging the bottoms of barrels, leeches slithering across stones and the carcasses of one trick ponies being disinterred and ritually scourged," Time Our sneered. "Daft Punk is still playing at your house- It's time to yank the plug."

Scottish newspaper the Scotsman was not quite so unforgiving declaring "everyone knows they can and should do better than this. There is still a semblance of hope that this is just a below-par blip in their trajectory rather than the start of the nosedive into irrelevance."

The newspaper also used the review to have a pop at the Chemical Brothers who attracted a number of similarly vicious reviews for their latest album Push The Button, though Virgin Record's dance man James Pitt (who also handles Daft Punk) issued a bullish bulletin this week, highlighting the album's success.

"Great news for the whole dance industry is that The Chemical Brothers album "Push The Button" is selling even faster than their massive "Surrender" album (which is an amazing feat considering the way the market has changed since then)," said James, "And the single "Galvanize" has proved to be their biggest radio hit around the world since the classic "Hey Boy Hey Girl", James added.