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Author: TranZfusion
Tuesday, May 31, 2005
format: 2 CD
genre: House
label: DTPM
release date: 6/06/2005
catalogue #: DTPMCD01

Have you ever drunk too much and got the shakes the next day- Well that's what DTPM stands for - Delirium Tremens at Post Meridian! . geddit.... You get the shakes (DT's) at night (Pm).

Launched at London's Villa Stefano back in 1993, DTPM introduced a new concept to London clubbing - partying on a Sunday. Outgrowing venues every few years, the night finally moved from The END to FABRIC in 2000 & now packs the place out with over 2000 happy Monday haters. It attracts a mixed, gay-friendly polysexual hedonistic crowd who expect nothing short of excellence from their night out.

This new mixed cd showcases the electric vibes of their acclaimed UK and Australian club nights. It features a selection of quality floor rocking cuts hand-picked and lovingly mixed by long time super residents Alan Thompson & Ariel.

Resident at DTPM for over a decade, Alan Thompson is regularly voted in DJ Mags Top 100 Djs in the world. Thompson also has residencies in Le Queen in Paris & Ministry of Sound in Ibiza. He recently mixed & compiled the huge selling local version of Ministry of Sound Clubbers Guide to 2005, so will be very familiar to Australian audiences.

Alan Thompson delivers firing Funky House - The Sound that DTPM is renowned for. Includes tracks from: Soul Central, Scape, AStudio, Michael Gray 's 'Weekend ' & Eric Prydz 'Woz Not Woz' - A true Crowd Pleaser! Ariel presents his original Latino - Tech sound, truly evocative of a night out at DTPM. Percussive rhythms lead you into a mesmerising beat. Tracks from: Jose De Davina, Tania Vulcano, Richard F, Wawa and Ariel himself - This mix is kickin.

Alan Thompson is now based in Sydney, with the idea of starting DTPM's first club outside its London home. Alan teams up with Sydney promoters Fag Tag to make it happen. DTPM launched in January 2005 with a massive sold out party at Tank.

DTPM, The CD, is being launched at the upcoming June 12th DTPM Sydney party at Tank (Queens Birthday Weekend).