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DMC Presents: Fabric 21 - DJ Heather

Author: DMC
Thursday, March 3, 2005
DJ Heather grew up in Chicago; a city with a rich underground history and perfectly suited to a kid with a keen interest in music. Her parent's collection of LPs became the backdrop for her own explorations into music. The prevalence of all-ages clubs in Chicago were a gateway into late 80s dance music and the wealth of local radio shows, playing everything from new wave to rock and disco to hip hop, created a wide base of influences for her future DJing and production. Heather's undiluted appreciation of music has seen her develop from hip hop DJ playing rare groove, soul and funk into primarily a house DJ. It wasn't a conscious decision but a natural migration, during years spent working in record shops and developing her skills, that has taken her to countries across the globe and seen her become a resident at fabric last year. Heather has released on Seasons, 20:20 Vision, Aroma, and launches her own Blackcherry Recordings in May. She's lent her warm voice to many tracks, and has collaborations with Brett Johnson, Slater Hogan, Bobby Valentine, Miles Maeda, DJ Colette and No Assembly Required released over the coming months
DJ Heather on fabric: "I'm into soundsystems and that's what I like about it. The DJ isn't on display really, you have to seek that person out, it works in reverse. People are there to have a good time and you have to be able to read and understand the room. That's what it is for me: fundamentals. It's about sound, not flash."

For fabric 21, Heather has created an energetic blend of jacking house, with firm beats but plenty of wiggle. Kicking straight in with Marko Militano's 'Good People' the positive vibes start building through 2 Or More's 'I got your love' and into D'Julz infectious 'Ze Theme'. With the groove in full swing there's bumping tracks from Mario Fabriani, Kaskade, Blackcherry signing DJ Mes, Mike Delgado and Max Renn, as Heather skillfully weaves around organic instrumentals and uplifting melodies. The mix closes on a thumping high with the soulful strains of Joey Youngman into Overtone.

DJ Heather on the mix: "I worked from the inside out. I found solid tracks that could stand on their own, and built from there. I wanted to capture the energy of my sets at fabric and be true to what I do, hoping that listeners will respond and relate to that honestly."

01 - Marko Militano - Good People
02 - 2 Or More - I Got Your Love
03 - D'Julz - Ze Theme
04 - Mario Fabriani - Release
05 - Mr. Hall Lee - Jump To The Funk
06 - DJ Mes - Back To The Program
07 - 2 Utes - Bumpin The BQE
08 - Olivier Desmet - Just Like Heaven
09 - Kaskade - Steppin' Out
10 - Mike Delgado - Byrdman's Revenge
11 - Mike Delgado - Antonio's Groove
12 - Justin Martin - Snow Day
13 - C Pen - Puffin Stuff
14 - Magik Johnson feat. Sandy Mill - Feel Alright
15 - Maxx Renn - Acid Jack
16 - DJ Rhythm - Brazilian Soul
17 - Joey Youngman - Memories
18 - Overtone - Cat's Eyes