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DJ Mag Taunt "Too Old' Pete Tong

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Monday, May 23, 2005

DJ magazine branded Pete Tong an "old codger' and "trainee senior citizen' in their latest issue and further ridiculed the Radio 1 superstar DJ by claiming he suffers from an "inability to mix coherently'.

The highly personal attack appeared in a vicious editorial slating Pete and some of his 40-something peers including New Order, Carl Cox and Danny Tenaglia, though saved their nastiest comments for the Radio 1 legend.

"If you're looking for a reason why young people aren't into house music these days just check the date on Pete's passport," DJ sneered. "You can hardly imagine acid house taking off back in "88 if Noel Edmonds or Bruno Brookes (80s Radio 1 star DJs) was giving it the large one about fields and Es (ecstasy)."

Chatting to Skrufff two years ago, the superstar DJ admitted he was increasingly conscious of his age and conceded "you're never going to be the hot new DJ on the block because you're not, you've been around forever'.

"But if you're genuine about the music, then age isn't a factor and people will still respect you for it. And if the clubs still want to book you and people still want to come and see you then there's no argument," Pete argued.

"It's really important that new DJs come through but you can't expect a new DJ to come through who solves everybody's issues, it's not going to happen," he added. "And if you said all the DJs over 35 had to disappear, sure some great young DJs would emerge but I reckon the scene would be lesser for that, the day after. All the old DJs, whether you love them or hate them, certainly paid their dues, they didn't get put there automatically," he pointed out.