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DJ Lucca: Carl Cox's New Czech Mate

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Monday, April 11, 2005
"I met Carl a year ago when he played in Czech Republic, I played at the same party. When he came to the hotel reception I approached him and handed him a CD with two tracks one of which was Umek's remix of my track. I introduced myself to him and said I hoped he liked the track then when I was at the party I heard him playing it during his set, which was great."

Three years before she tracked Carl Cox down at the aforementioned Czech hotel, DJ Lucca was herself working as a hotel receptionist though these days she finds herself booking in as a guest at the world's finer hotels as she tours the world as an international techno DJ. Maintaining her connection with Cox, she's soon to spin at his arena's at the upcoming Global Gathering and Dance Valley raves, though is also busy consolidating her reputation through her new record label Acapulco. Established to promote her own productions, the label also includes remixes from the likes of Valentino Kanzyani, Umek and Davide Squillace, all techno producers she's also befriended along the way. Whether they've presumably been attracted initially by her strikingly attractive model type features, she's adamant that her own reputation as one of the Czech Republic's best known DJs internationally is down to one thing principally- her music.

"I think it's all about producing," she muses, when asked why so few other Czech DJs have crossed over beyond the Eastern European country's borders, "I know lots of excellent DJs here but they don't produce records or have their own sound and that's their biggest problem".

Skrufff (Jonty Skrufff): You've recently set up your own label Acapulco Records, what's the plan for the label-

Lucca: "I started it six months ago and we've put out just one record so far, which was my track plus a remix from Umek. Acapulco is my label and I'm helped by my manager who's from the Czech Republic, he takes care of more of the business side.The plan is to mainly release my own tracks though also remixes of my tracks by producers I like, such as Marco Nastic, or Italian producers, I really like the Naples sound."

Skrufff: Why have you called it Acapulco-

Lucca: "I just liked the name, I've never been there but I visualise it as a very cool city with great weather."

Skrufff: You're travelling constantly through your DJing, is the plan to remain based in Czech Republic-

Lucca: "I moved to Prague recently, having originally lived in a town 200km from the city and I want to stay here. I play a lot on Germany and Spain generally but I also play a lot in the Czech Republic, at least two gigs a month and I think it's good for me to be here."

Skrufff: You're nowadays playing on three decks and using Final Scratch, how important are technical skills for you-

Lucca: "I look at it the equipment, the decks and mixers, as tools, you need to know them very well otherwise you can't use them properly. Proper mixing is one side of it, the second is about your charisma and what kind of music you play and how you entertain the people- but the technical side is extremely important."

Skrufff: Do you still practise these days-

Lucca: "Yeah I do sometimes though I tend to spend more time listening to records so that I know them very well, how they sound, their mood and their structure. Though I don't practise every day, which I did when I started. I used to practise for three or four hours almost every day when I started, for the first two years."

Skrufff: What motivated you to put in so much practise, were you hoping to become an international DJ-

Lucca: "I was very enthusiastic about DJing and I wanted to learn it as well as I could. So I started practising them also playing. I practised for about six months before my first gig which I must admit didn't go very well. But that inspired me to practise more and to improve."

Skrufff: What were the circumstances of the first gig-

Lucca: "The first o