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Countryside Rave Shooters Jailed

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, January 22, 2005
Two gamekeepers who fired shotguns at ravers who staged an illegal party on their land were jailed for three months this week, after a judge decided they'd over-reacted.

Jessica Allinson, 46, and her assistant Alxander Szyndel fired at speaker stacks and car tyres and pointed their shotguns at the partygoers, after stumbling across the rave at Netley Heath, Surrey, last year. Though they both pleaded guilty to firearms charges, Judge John Bull, QC, said prison was his only option.

"A person who is angry has no business loading a shotgun," he told Guildford Crown Court. "The possibility of causing injury by those who have momentarily lost their temper is only too obvious."

Over a thousand ravers caused disruption at an allnight rave on the Ditchingham Hall Estate in Norfolk this weekend, prompting scores of complaints, said local website EDP24.

Local resident Ray Huggins from Thwaite St Mary complained it was the 4th rave in the area in the last two years, telling EDP it was a "nightmare'.

"They were pulling up in their cars, talking loudly and revving up their engines and this was at 2.30am in the morning," he complained.

"We haven't had hardly any sleep. Something should be done about it."