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Christopher Lawrence in Freefall

Author: Tranzfusion
Saturday, October 22, 2005
Christopher's new music video for 'Freefall' can be viewed exclusively on

It was shot on location at the California massive 'Electric Daisy Carnival', which is one of the longest running and most successful annual West Coast summer dance events, attracting crowds of up to 50,000 who dance the night away amid carnival rides, performance artists and high tech laser and visual shows.

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Freefall is the first single from Lawrence's debut artist album 'All or Nothing' which was released last year. Vocals are by Camille Kramer. The video is directed by Travis Oscarson, who produced Avril Lavigne's 'My World' DVD, Sasha and Digweed's MTV documentary, and a forthcoming DVD for Paul van Dyk

Christopher Lawrence is considered one of the worlds top DJs and producers. He was recently ranked #7 in the World in DJ Magazine's influential 'Top 100' list and is a recent 'Best DJ' recipient at the Dancestar US Awards. URB Magazine describes him as "A Superstar DJ".

Reewind! January 2005:
There are some huge festivals in Holland as well. I've played a couple of festivals there this year and what really stands out is the older, more sophisticated crowd that comes to these events. I asked the promoter how it is possible that almost every weekend there are events like this going on. His answer was that they sell tickets to these events at the post office. So everyone, even in remote areas, has access to tickets and the government sanctions it. Imagine being in a country where you can buy some stamps, mail a letter, and while you're at it buy two tickets to the rave this weekend-"

Lawrence's amazement is partially due to the contrast it presents when compared to the current state of events in the USA. "I did everything I could," exclaims a disenchanted Lawrence. "I wore my 'I Hate Bush' shirt every time I played out. I was part of a campaign called 'ReDefeat Bush'. And I honestly thought that Bush didn't have a chance. But there are a lot of people in this country that are just zombies. It's really pathetic. And since Bush has been re-elected it's like he's been empowered or something and can do no wrong. You don't want to be here right now. I hate to say it but in terms of a lot of things including dance music the United States is really backward and getting worse."
Taken from Christopher Lawrence interview written by Terry Goldfain and originally featured in Zebra magazine