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Burridge tour: Around the World in 365 Days

Author: Terry Goldfain
Wednesday, December 21, 2005
Over the last few months Lee Burridge has been embarking on s concept world tour titled '365' in which he plans to base himself for 1 - 2 months in a different country and city. However, he admits to the title being misleading, revealing that "the 365 project is going amazingly well and I definitely want to extend it." Burridge also aims to collaborate with a different artist in each location, having already worked with Dan F in Hong Kong (where Burridge first made a name for himself as a DJ)and Steve Porter in New York.

The 365 Tour has also swept through Hong Kong Ibiza, Florence and Buenos Aires. Next up is Australia, and while Burridge has chosen to base himself in Sydney, Melbourne folk can see him play on Saturday January 14th at Sunny.

"At the end of this first year of the 365 project I'm going to release a double mix CD and an album of the collaborations." While his previous production experience is limited, he was tutored by the best as he had Andy Page as a housemate when the Aussie production wizard was living in the U.K. Track names were appropriately warped, including Why Are the Pretty Ones Always Insane-, With his current touring schedule and renewed interest in production, Tyrant; the DJing team made up of Burridge and Craig Richards have indefinitely postponed their monthly residency at Fabric.

Australian Tour Dates:
Friday January 13th at The Metro, Sydney
Saturday January 14th at Sunny, Brown Alley, Melbourne
Saturday January 20th at My Bar, Gold Coast
Saturday January 21st at Musica Summer Series, Sydney
Thursday January 26th at Stardust Festival, Adelaide
Saturday January 28th at Halo, Hobart

Reewind! 2003:
An interview with Burridge would not be complete without enquiring about his burgeoning production skills. As mentioned earlier, his housemate was until recently Australian wonder-kid Andy Page and no better talent could be utilized in helping Burridge hone his skills. "We've done about three tracks, but I don't want to be one of those producers who gets the talented guy to make the record for him. I don't know that much when it comes to production yet, but it's fun working together and I'm not going to learn anything unless we work together so that's why there are only three records."

Always one to celebrate the ridiculous, track titles from the pair include, Why Are the Pretty Ones Always Insane-, I Love You, It's Not the Drugs and Bongodzilla. "I just hate it when you read track titles and it's like Hold Me and Higher and Touch the Sky so I'm full of stupid names," explains Burridge. "It's a good way to get a concept for a track at the beginning and these titles leave a little mystery. It's a pity Andy's left as we're yet to complete an ambient track called Wake Up, Wake Up, It's Time to Take Your Sleeping Pill

Taken from Lee Burridge interview written by Terry Goldfain and originally featured in Zebra magazine