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Bedrock Original Series 02 - Jonathan Lisle

Author: Bedrock
Tuesday, February 8, 2005
OS_02 hits the streets on the 15th of February 2005 and having set an outstanding standard with OS_01, John Digweed and Bedrock Records look to Jonathan Lisle to push the tempo with the second in the series that looks towards the best of tomorrows burgeoning talent!

From bedroom beginnings, Jonathan Lisle has quickly risen through the ranks cementing a stellar reputation as one of the hardest working, commited and gifted DJ's on the scene.

Jonathan has forged to the forefront of a breaking scene with massive attention on his DJ set often comprising 3 or 4 turntables and live keyboards (something reflected in OS_02) and some of the most keenly sought after music out there. It is this focus on his music that saw Jonathan break into DJ Mags illustrious Top100 in 2003.

Despite being part of the Original Series though, Jonathan Lisle's age belies talent and a position beyond his years. His own label M Theory has garnered a reputation for classy production and given Jonathan a reliability that saw John Digweed ask him to A&R for Bedrock's own Breaks imprint.

Jonathan plays regularly at Bedrock and has performed gigs all over the world at leading clubs such as Pacha (Buenos Aeries), Spundae, Centro (Singapore), Liquified, Ministry of Sound (Hong Kong), Stereo (Montreal), Nerve (Miami) and Tribal Sessions. He has played the Bedrock stage at large festivals including Gatecrasher SSS, Dance Valley (Holland) and Global Gathering and his recent tours have taken him to countries such as Japan, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway, Finland, Russia, Mexico and across the US and UK as well as having had guest mixes on Radio 1 and Kiss FM (Digweed's show in London and Phil K's show in Sydney).

The Mix

Mixed live using 5 CD channels (using 3 Denon DNS-5000s via their Alpha channels), FX and a Korg Z1 synthesiser. The tracks have been de-constructed and loops re-created using different elements of each track, then mixed live. Or to put it another way you might hear a drum loop mixed over track 3 which consists of a snare from track 5 and a kick from track 7!

Jonathan approaches OS_02 with a unique perspective, an idea to create one 80 min piece. Different elements from all the tracks weave in and out of the entire mix with live keyboards played over the top.

OS_02 opens with futuristic ambient soundtrack Cosmic Baby - Tribute to Bladerunner layered with breakbeats of Relysis' mix of Habersham - Gently Shifting People and vocals of Rabbit in the Moon - Waiting for the night. In the first 15 minutes 5 tracks have weaved in and out of each other, often as 3 tracks at once.

The pace picks up with a tempo change and huge drop into the vocals on Habersham's 4/4 beat, then back to breakbeats sustaining the futuristic mood. Things drop into live drums and live bass guitar and the Spanish vocal of the Hardkiss classic Hawke - Vivos en Muerte as the pace continues to build into the funky trippy breakbeats of Steiger - Ghost Sector.

Another tempo change up into PMT- Afro Lava Lamp going into a tribal breakbeat section as PMT is mixed continuously with Young American Primitive - Voyage to the Great Attractor. The 4/4 beat of Rabbit In The Moon's remix of Gavin Hardkiss - See the Love Infinite comes in with vocals and the mix starts rocking into the driving vocals of Trafik - Surrender remixed by Habersham and Blake Potter.

The huge 4/4 anthem of 2005 - BAD by Matthew Dekay - comes in for the peak time of the CD and is mixed with Andy Ling - Fixation, given a modern twist by Evolution and Hamel. Finally back to breakbeats for the finale with the massive Forme - Ignition as huge strings and guitars mellow out to the stunning climax of this exceptional, original journey.