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Basement Jaxx Blast Cocaine Club Culture

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Felix Buxton distanced himself from dance culture yet again this week, telling the Guardian "what is dance music- Is it something with a beat- This whole dance thing pisses me off'.

The Basement Jaxx producer also dismissed albums by rival bands the Chemical Brothers and the Prodigy labelling them "the sound of the single, repeated 10 times' and launched a ferocious attack on the drug culture when his band started.

"What we were doing (in 1995) seemed very far off to the side of what mainstream culture was into," said Buxton, "It was nothing to do with the British dance scene, which was very much about cocaine."

Ironically, Leeroy from the Prodigy also criticised Britain's celebrity cocaine culture several years ago, telling Skrufff "we weren't coke heads and a lot of that fame world is all about coke.'

"All those parties in Milan and flying here there and everywhere, we never really did that, we never really played the fame game, we had more of a laugh with it." he continued.

"Sure, there might be the odd premier you'd go to if you wanted to see the film or an opening night of a club but we never pursued the fame game- we didn't have to, we were pretty much respected as a band for what we did," said Leeroy.