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Balance 008 launch featuring Desyn Massielo

Author: Eugene Scheepers
Sunday, November 6, 2005
Melbourne is really being treated to some awesome events this summer, and its tempting to let a few slide through the cracks. But if you have any self respect and a discerning ear, make sure you don't miss out on Balance 008 featuring Desyn Masiello at Honkytonks on Saturday the 26th November.

The 'Balance' series has already evolved into one the most respected dance music compilation brands, so its no surprise to see them take it to the next level with UK rising star Desyn Masiello for their next 2CD installment out on EQ.

Desyn has his love of house music rooted in acid house, and was a dedicated follower of the early rave scene in the UK.

Aspiring super star dj's should take note that Desyn's start on the road to success began with a single CD that he lovingly prepared over a considerable amount of time!

While his first international gigs in Finland wrapped up in 2000, and he set up a label in 2001 with friend and manager, Abi Farisi, his real big break came in 2002. It was being signed to Deep Dish's exclusive US booking agency for their US 2002 roster.

During a hectic 2003, Desyn embarked on a global tour supporting his 'Yoshitoshi 3 In House We Trust' CD. It involved performing 80 dates in 100 days, in some of the world's largest venues, for some of the most renowned clubs and festivals around the UK, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Malaysia, Asia, Middle East, North and South America.

As if 2003 was not busy enough, the energetic Masiello pushed his new label, Alternative Route (house and progressive) into the forefront of the scene. His first signing (2001) was the mighty KC FLIGHT Voices, and one of the most recent and successful releases being the colossal Chable & Bonnici Ride.

In between a busy dj-ing schedule in 2004, a few of Desyn's productions and remixes managed to find theier way onto some notable mix compilations. His first two singles were with co-producers Omid 16b and Leon Roberts, known collectively as The Idiots. Remixes of Feel the Rush and Keep it Real (Sexonwax) were featured on Danny Howells' '24/7' compilation, and Masiello's first remix (Solar Plexus) is exhibited on Deep Dish's Global Underground (25). No mean feat, by anyones standards!

And if anyone was still second guessing his talents they were certainly silenced when John Digweed requested Desyn join him on his 'End Of Summer Tour' around the USA. a nomination for BBC Radio 1's 'Essential Mix of the Year', together with his second compilation for Digweed's 'Original Series' (OS_1) on Bedrock ensured that Desyn's profile continued to grow.

This is pedigree stuff! You really don't want to miss this one. You'll just become the butt of all your friends jokes. Don't...its just not worth it....

Catch Desyn Masiello at Honkeytonks, Saturday the 26th November.
Support: Lance Harrison, Aram Chapers
$20 at the door.

Reewind! November 2005:
"John (Digweed) made that statement on his Kiss 100 show. Everywhere I go now people say 'it's you - the man who never sleeps!' And sometimes it's true actually. Despite occasionally being a really lazy git I'm generally a bit of a workaholic. Maniac is probably closer to the truth, trying to do ten things at once and usually ending up with egg all over my face. But sometimes I pull it off."
Taken from Desyn Masiello interview written by Terry Goldfain and originally featured in Zebra magazine