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6 Million Brit Blokes Want To Be Women

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, January 22, 2005
Men who dress up in drag at fancy dress parties are exactly the same as transvestites, the Sunday Times reported this week.

"Fancy dress is all about acting out your alter ego," style consultant/ psychologist Ros Taylor told the paper.

"I'm amazed by the number of men who like going to parties dressed as women. They can be a transvestite in public and the next day wash the slate clean. It's a risk-free way of being someone you secretly want to be," she explained.

Her views matched those of cross-dressing organisation The Gender Information Service (GIS) whose website on transvestism suggests up to six million British men fit into the category.

"Male Cross Dressing or Transvestism is much more widespread than is generally thought. Estimates of the proportion of the male population that practice some form of cross-dressing vary between ten and twenty percent," say GIS.

"These estimates cover a wide range of levels of indulgence, from those who occasionally put on female underwear or nightwear to those who go out in public dressed as women."

In more fancy dress news, Welsh police chief Roly Schwarz this week urged binge drinkers to embrace dressing up, to help reduce violence both in the street and amongst binge drinkers getting drunk at home.

"People are less likely to get involved in trouble if they're in a fancy dress costume," the Rhyl police chief suggested (Metro).

In even more gender-bending news, a new survey of men's sexual practises published by ITV this week, revealed that 42% of young men admit to taking orgasm, in common with 58% of women who owned up to doing the same thing.

"Maybe we tend to see orgasm as the signal to stop sex," psychosexual therapist Paula Hall suggested when asked why so many people are faking it. "If, for some reason, you mind or body doesn't fancy an orgasm, you could be at it forever." (BBC relationships website)

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