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1 In 6 Brits Want To Wife Swap

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Monday, February 14, 2005
Up to 10 million British people fantasise about swinging and "naughty sex', the Independent reported this week, in a feature examining sexual norms in 21st century UK.

"I believe there are fashions in sexual activity in the same way as there are fashions in skirt lengths, the fashion today is naughty sex" the newspaper's "relationships expert' Virginia Ironside claimed.

"Up to a million people in this country have tried swinging- or wife-swapping as it used to be called in the 70s- and 14 in every 100 of the others say they would like to," she gushed.

The Independent's assessment appeared just months after a massive survey of 3,200 twins discovered that over 1 in five British women have been unfaithful, with a staggering 90% admitting to seriously thinking about it. Study chief Professor Tim Spector told the Standard his findings indicate that infidelity could be genetic.

"There was a definite correlation between unfaithfulness and the number of partners," the Professor revealed. "There is also some evidence of women having affairs with those in a higher social class, and it may well be that women who are the victims of domestic violence are more likely to have an affair in a bid not to pass on the behaviour," he suggested.