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Who Let The Sniffer Hot Dogs Out-

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Monday, March 29, 2004
Top criminal barrister Amber Marks said police use of drug detection dogs in random raids at train stations in England, represent a significant infringement on civil liberties, in the Guardian this week.

"There is no possibility of consenting to being sniffed when confronted with police dogs on exiting an underground station," said Ms Marks.

The leading civil liberties lawyer also highlighted the fact that sniffer dogs are often unreliable, pointing out 'tests have shown that in addition to responding to the tiniest of tugs on the leash by the handler, dogs can react to note-taking and facial movements in the hope of pleasing the handler by picking up the "right" answer."

Her concerns followed a widely reported scandal in America last year, where a top K-9 trainer, who had provided numerous drug and explosive sniffing dogs to US law enforcement, was jailed for fraud after his supposedly highly trained animals were revealed to be completely useless. Acting on a tip off, federals officials tested the dogs and discovered they responded more to the scent of hidden hot dogs than marijuana or TNT.