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Weird Gear presents Southern Outpost LIVE

Author: Sara Giampa
Tuesday, March 2, 2004
Lineup: Southern Outpost LIVE set, Shapeshiftr live laptop set, Patrick HAF DJ set, Boogs, Ben Cromack

Southern Outpost is a 100% independent record label based in Sydney, Australia. After a trip to Detroit, meeting Mike Banks and many other inspiring people, Southern Outpost was conceived to release quality electronic music into the world.

Southern Outpost consists of 4 core members who take on various roles, such as producing, dj'ing and designing. The roles are often interchangable and various producers team up to write for various releases.

The label has formed strong alliances with like mind producers from Detroit, such as DJ Godfather, Strand, DJ K1 (Keith Tucker) who have remixed 'Boogie Down Detroit' from the 'Boogie Down 313' ep (Southern Outpost's 2nd release).

More recently, Southern Outpost has released an ep, 'From Detroit To The Outback', for DJ K1 (Keith Tucker, founding member of AUX 88/Aux Men). This is his first release under this alias since his days with Direct Beat records. It already has received rave reviews from various magazines/press in UK/Europe. Face magazine wrote, "f*cking tune! a "Time Space Transmat" for 2K2"

Southern Outpost's own productions have been well received all over the planet. DJ's such as Juan Atkins, Claude Young, Andrew Weatherall, Dave Clarke, DJ Rolando all have included SO's music in their sets. The local influences and production style in the music sets it apart from any other electro release.

Southern Outpost is currently being distributed exclusively by Submerge, Mad Mikes' distribution company in Detroit. This is the first non-Detroit record label to be picked up by Submerge, which is a testament to the quality of music and direction of the label.

Weird Gear @ Honkytonks presents
Southern Outpost LIVE
Friday 19th March