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UK Authorities Renew Thailand Terror Alert

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, May 1, 2004
Britain's Foreign Office are advising Brits to avoid all 'non-essential travel' in Southern Thailand until further notice, following gun battles between Muslim insurgents and Thai soldiers this week in which over 100 people were killed.

The no-go zone is less than a hundred miles from the country's best-known party island Koh Phanghan, which hosts another Full Moon Party this week (on Monday May 3rd)

"The issue that travellers should be aware of is the fact that the train to Malaysia passes through the affected areas, so anyone doing a visa run to Malaysia might be concerned," said Skrufff's man-in-Bangkok Beee.

"But personally I wouldn't; Thai people's attitude towards westerners is as friendly and hospitable as ever and I wouldn't change my holiday plans over it," he suggested.

"However, I would think twice about coming here because of the nightlife clampdown, which still has most places in Bangkok closing at 1am," he added.

Beee's concerns were echoed by the Asian Wall Street Journal this week, who suggested that the draconian clubbing curfew has already cut takings on Koh Phanghan's sister island Koh Samui by 30%.

Koh Phanghan's Full Moon Party is also likely to be tenser than usual, following the violence which exploded at the last party, when three Thai men were shot dead on the beach.