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Traffic Police Steal Marco V's Gatecrasher Show

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Monday, December 6, 2004
Dutch hard dance DJ Marco V has issued a public apology for spinning a short set at Gatecrasher last weekend blaming organisers, British cops and "circumstances beyond his control' for making him late.

"I was originally booked to play a later timeslot, but at the last minute Gatecrasher changed my set to earlier in the evening, knowing it would be very tight for me to make it from my previous gig," said Marco in a statement circulated by his agents.

"My driver and I did our very best to get there on time and we would have made it if we hadn't been delayed by a brief run in with the traffic police."

His apology came two years after the Dutch DJ had similar problems with the Northern superclub organisation when he was still largely unknown in the UK and had yet to play at their Sheffield headquarters.

"They wanted me to play between 6am and 7am, though my time had originally been scheduled between 2am and 4am, which was a much better time. I was supposed to play after Paul Oakenfold but I cancelled when they tried to shift me to between 6 and 7am," Marco told Skrufff at the time.

"That was not the right slot for me, it would have been my first time at Gatecrasher, so I asked them to give me another chance at a later date," he said.

Marco V plays at the Fridge, South London, on Saturday December 4 alongside John 00 Fleming.