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'The Soul'sa Crew' - Mad Visions, Crazy Racket and Pussy

Author: Michelle Pirovich
Wednesday, January 21, 2004
They have known each other since kindergarten, they don't believe in labelling their sound because it's just too "wanky" and the day they made some noise at the Bridge Hotel in Richmond was 'a great day for our fine nation'. TranZfusion caught up with the spliff-rolling, high-horsing, bike riding, revolutionaries that make up 'The Soul'sa Crew' for a little Q&A on the eve of their next feisty, ass shaking performance.

Tell me the story of how The Soul'sa crew came to be…
Richard: We knew a bloke that worked at a pub that had a night running that needed a DJ. So we rocked up with more people than were in the venue and shafted some chump back into the annals of history.
Andrew: Twas indeed a great day for our fine nation.

What are each of your areas of expertise-
Rich: Spliff-roller, bar holder extraordinaire (sitting on his arse)
Drew: High-horsing, soap-boxing muthafucka (talking shit)
Lach: Going home, bike riding (going home)
James: Revolutionising outside the box (rationalising)

You have known each other for so long has the relationship got to the point where you finish each others sentences- Has there come a time when you just can't stand the sight of each other-
James: Yeah a few months back we had to take a restraining order out against Rich. We went to mediation and had some counselling. Now he wants custody of the couch.

What have you been creating in the studio of late-
James: Very little to be honest. Time is an issue these days. Lach is making progress with a few bits and pieces. Think Theo Parrish vs Daniel Wang. (However, that probably does little justice to Theo, Daniel or Lachie but it gives you some idea….)

Who has the most annoying studio habits-
James: All of us - not getting in there enough.

How would you say your sound has evolved over the years-
Rich: Definitely broadened. Soul`sa @ Bigmouth requires a broader musical influence than the Bridge did. A lot more hip hop, disco, soul, even some reggae. Whatever fits the theme really - provided its good music of course.
Andrew: You could almost describe it as devolved - we are less discerning with genre but more discerning with quality. Music is music.

Do you have visions of a global presence-
Rich: Hell Yes! (Delusions of grandeur)

Tell me something we wouldn't know about the Soul'sa crew…
Andrew: We DON'T play tech-house. We DO play techno and house…. (and lots of other stuff too)

5 words to describe what you'll be serving up at Honkytonks on the 23rd-
James: Mad visions and crazy styles
Rich: A damn crazy racket
Andrew: Pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy (music)

and some quickies...

Track you can't live without-
Everybody Loves the Sunshine

Track you never want to hear again-
That satisfaction theme from the Tooheys Extra Dry ad.

Its 3am, I'm feeling good and …
Richard: Geeze it must be time for another beer…
Andrew: I just shot a 48 on X-Box Tiger Woods Live

When I grow up, I'm going to …
Richard: Be rich and famous and have a harem.

If I had one wish it would be…
James: To do it all again

Catch The Soul'sa Three (James, Locky & Blondi)
5 hour set
Friday 23rd January