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See You @ The Party: A Music For Freaks Label Hoedown mixed by Jonny Rock &

Author: Jonty Skruff
Sunday, August 15, 2004
While 90s dance culture was dominated by superstar DJs, superclubs and super-straightforward style of music, today's clubland is all about fragmentation, niches and the much overused term ''eclectic' and See You @ The Party represents the new future perfectly. Broadly centred around upfront electro-house and packed with vocals, the 18 track compilation is both underground and accessible, most tracks being club cuts that were previously only released on vinyl, though all laced with uplifting grooves and vocals that both demand attention, while energising a dance floor.

What also sets the CD apart is its unusual reliance on songs, such as Louise Carver's Play The Game and the Freaks' Where Were You When The Lights Went Out, both of which punctuate and enhance, the pretty much non-stop disco (back) beat.

The CD's key track though is another from the Freaks, their Gigolo endorsed club anthem Creeps, which pops us as accapella snippets and in its own right, sweetly sandwiched between Tony Senghorre's Was (Not Was) sounding retro disco-funk cut This Is It and Rub's equally 80s-esque Who Said That.

The one common characteristic all 18 tracks share is that they're signed to Music For Freaks, the label set up in 1999 by Justin Harris and Luke Solomon to put out leftfield house. Solomon also runs Classic Records, alongside mainstream house star Derrick Carter, and appears to operate Music for Freaks as a spin-off project for ''leftfield house' as he calls it (their PR calls the label Classic's 'filthier younger sister'.)

See You @ The Party is out on September 6

Genre: Electro-house

01. The Little Beasties - Digitize Me (Lil Mark Remix)
02. Eclat and Prudo - You'll Askus
03. Hi-Lo - Feverish (SWAG's Easy Pieces Vocal Mix
04. Zoo Brazil - Lose Control (Freaksundertoneredo)
05. Freaks - Discorobot (Rob Mello's No Ears Dub)
06. Freaks - Instrument (Soul Capsule Off It Mix)
07. The Little Beasties - Digitize Me
08. Kenny Hawkes and Lousie Carver - Play The Game (Phil Weeks Robsoul Vocal
09. Easygoing - Gaytime Latin Lover
10. Doc L Jnr - Dub Power
11. Markus Nikolai - Passion (Freaks Return Of The Blu Meany Vocal)
12. Freaks - Blam (Derrick Carter's Damn Blam Jam Mix)
13. Tony Senghore - This Is It
14. Freaks - The Creeps (Steve Bug Remix)
15. Rub - Who Said That
16. Eclat and Prudo - Calafuria Uber Alles
17. Freaks - Where Were You When The Lights Went Out
18. Mark Farina - Time To Jack (Log Cabins Mix)

also includes excerpts of :
Kenny Hawkes - Dance For Me (Accapella)
Freaks - Creeps (Accapella)