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Scrambler live @ Broken Home

Author: Broken Home Geese
Wednesday, October 6, 2004
With record crowds yet again last month thanks to the immaculate and precise skills of Andy Page, Broken Home raises the bar yet again for Victorian Jazz pianist and all round music producer / performer Scrambler.

Colin Snape, most notably known as Scrambler initially started life as a classically trained pianist. Moving through the Victorian college of the Arts and performing with local bands, there's a high probability you've heard Scrambler on keys. With 15 years under his wing and a host of performances including notable stage tours such as Christine Anu, Colin has moved away from the performance spotlight as a session muso and into the studio, blending an eclectic, melodic style of Breakbeat that fuses together Jazz with contemporary dance and improvisation.

His first solo release with vocalist Amarevois titled 'Free' was released in 2003 by Stomp / EQ after having trainspotted the vocal delight on Phil K's Balance 004 compilation and progressing there to work with compatriot Andy Page and other Melbourne cheeky heads such as Ivan Gough, Iva Davies from Icehouse and Mortar & Pestle.

From there, Scrambler has continued to produce an array of remixes and originals as featured on 'If it ain't Broken, Don't Fix it Too' and through BMG for local Aussie Indy pop group Bachelor Girl.

Since then, Colin's focus has been based on more original material, fused with an ever developing live show that has already started its own chain of events. And, with improvisation comes individuality so people can be rest-assured that when Scrambler performs live at Broken Home on October 15th, it will be nothing like that seen or heard before.

So join Scrambler alongside local residents Keltec, Dan Mangan and Brewster B, for a night of sheer pleasure, complete with cool vibes, great atmosphere, LIVE Australian Dance music, and naturally - boogalicious beats! (Batteries sold separately)

General Admission entry is a microscopic $10 and even includes a humorous badge of random silliness, 'Broken Home Is Sweet!' lolly bag, free cloakroom and a fridge magnet! Or, Door List entry is '$5 and a cheesy smile from our door staff' if you manage to get on our gaggle-of-blaggers list.