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Punx Soundcheck: Plastique EP (Damned Don¹t Cry/ Metro Sexuality)

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Tuesday, August 24, 2004
³Metro sexuality, a product of our times/ Who you gonna¹ sleep with/ anyone
is fine/ I don¹t mind if boy or girl or the player/ I¹m metro sexual
rubbish/ U can access any area².

Written by a boy (Cormac) and sung by a girl (19 year old Italian wild
child/ exotic dancer Georgia), Metro sexuality¹s camp and cutting lyrics
perfectly capture the humour of London¹s alternative/ freak electro scene,
which continues to thrive some two years after coalescing around Nag Nag
Nag. While Cormac continues to do the club¹s door, ex Nag regular Georgia¹s
recently fled back to Italy, though music creator John Taylor still pops
down, and he¹s certain to hear this record in the course of the next few

As he¹s certain to catch it at the likes of The Cock, Golf Sale and
Electrogogo as hi- energy electro disco continues to percolate ever further,
as post electroclash clubbing expands from strength to strength.

Camp, catchy and perfect for the dance-floor Metro sexuality appears on the
B side of Damned Don¹t Cry, a reasonable update on Visage¹s early 80s new
romantic classic, and is available early in September on Beauty Case

Genre: electro- hi enegy- disco

Rating: 10/10 (for Metro Sexuality), 6/10 for Damned Don¹t Cry