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Puff Daddy Pals Up With George W

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Sunday, December 12, 2004
George W Bush gave P Diddy a private tour of the White House this week 8 months after the US rap mogul urged delegates at an LA hip hop summit to "get George Bush's ass out of Office."

"This is no joke," the Bad Boy impresario insisted. "He doesn't care about Black people, he doesn't care about young people and he certainly doesn't care about all those mothers who have lost their sons in this war in Iraq. . . .Let's register everyone to vote-Let's take the 20 million who register and 'Get him out of office"."

The tour sheds light on why Puffy immediately renounced his comments as soon as Bush won the election, telling MTV "I was a little reckless with my comments, I shouldn't have said that until I felt that there was somebody that could be better for my people."

One month on, The New York Post claimed he chatted amiably with the President throughout the tour, telling his former nemesis "you have a nice house'.