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Photoshop Sucks and Other World News

Author: Positive
Friday, February 13, 2004
Erfurt trio Northern Lite, that is to say Andreas Kubat (singer) Dj Boon (keyboard) and Larry Lowe (guitars), presents to Europe its firts album "Reach The Sun". The release is going to be available on cd and vinyl from 23th February. It's halfway to techno, electro and the hardest rock. This is the kind of miscellanea our guys are carrying on from 2000, the same year they founded their 1st Decade label. "Reach The Sun" is going to include 12 tracks (plus an intro): from "Trusting Blind" to "Ways Ain't Working", from "Treat Me Better" to "Take Them Away" and to popular "My Pain". The tracks have been re-arranged just for the record and they all have a strong rock flavour. We also want to stress the presence of "Everybody Loves You"... it's a Neal X and Sputnik cover. "Gone" is the first track from the album and just a few weeks ago a video has been shooted in Spain. You can read the full exclusive interview with Northern Lite on RIN website ( Click on techno in Hot Stuff area.

Apoptygma Berzerk is a project that was born in '89 thanks to Stephan Groth. Nowadays it's one of the most representative names on techno-electro scene all over Europe. A lot of records and albums such as "Soli Deo Gloria" contributed to the spreading of a sound that goes from electro-dance to trance, ebm and to techno. Just a few weeks ago his album "Harmonizer" has been printed again. In the U.S.A. it has been published by well-known Metropolis label. Among the other tracks you can find: "More Serotonin... Please", "Unicorn", "Pikachu", "Photoshop Sucks" and "Detroit Tickets". During the last months these are tracks interested the whole England too. Some say in a leap of time he's going to take out from "Harmonizer" another single record including several remixes signed by famous djs. This is not going to be a real new thing, 'cause of the former experience with Ferry Costen's "Kathy's Song (Come Lie Next To Me)" remix.

Angelmaker Records strikes back with a very peculiar initiative. They're working on the so called "Consumer Electronics" project, that is going to include 14 electro tracks created exclusively by Casio instruments. This is going to be a sort of tribute to old analogical synths produced by an well-known industry producing watches all over the world. At the moment being Angelmaker is looking for the 14 tracks to include in the cd. If you own at least a musical instrument by Casio and you like electro, you can compose your demo and send it to Angelmaker. The label is going to choose the best ones for its "Consumer Electronics". You've time to join the project just till May.

Leandro Gamez was born in Madrid and he soon bacame one of the most representative characters on Spanish techno scene. At the beginning he was devoted to industrial, but then Gamez turned to percussive techno working with Boozo Records and with German Ongaku Musik and Fieber. In 2002 he became famous thanks to "Stones On The Way" (on Monoid) and "Traffic Jam" (on Isoghi) produced with Danilo Vigorito from Neaples. Nowadays Gamez srtikes back with his new record "Proteccion De Testigos E.p." published on Belgian Bullitt label. The two tracks included in it ("Sin Salida" and "No Es Otra Cosa") have already catched Valentino Kanziany's, Len Faki's, Agoria's, Oxia's Dj Tonio's and Brenda Russel's eye... they always play them during their dj-set.