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NME Roasts Tasteless Sunday Best Star

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, November 27, 2004
Former Muzik writer turned NME hack Duncan Bell launched a bitter personal attack against fellow former Muzik scribe turned Sunday Best promoter/ Radio 1 DJ Rob Da Bank this week, branding the John Peel stand-in a "muzak-spinning Ravey Davey'.

"Send Da Bank back to his 4am "chill-out' slot," Bell spat, "and give the job to Resonance's DJ army of mavericks, pissed up intellectuals and bearded nut jobs."

As well as taking over John Peel's late night Radio 1 slot following the hugely popular DJ's untimely death, Da Bank also continues to be prolifically busy with his burgeoning Sunday Best empire, which includes parties, festivals and record releases. The label's next project is the debut album from Boomclick, "Halfway Between Tomorrow And Yesterday', which Da Bank launched in Old Street last week, at a party at the London trio's studio. He's also currently taking the band on tour across the UK before hosting the Sunday Best Xmas party at the ICA on December 19.