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Mareko & Savage - Melbourne Show

Author: Illusive
Monday, November 15, 2004

From the Deceptikonz

Following their high-energy performance on the recent Sell out 'Stand Up Tour', Savage and Mareko are back again to represent the Deceptikonz for
one show only in Melbourne.

Mareko, a member of South Auckland based hip-hop group the Deceptikonz, has just released his debut Album in Australia, entitled 'White Sunday'. He has
gained a reputation for being NZ's finest battle MC and has won the battle for supremacy the last four years running, thus making him the undisputed champion of New Zealand hip hop.

He is the first Samoan MC to be signed to a New York Hip Hop label - other acts on the same label include The Beatnuts and Big Daddy Kane.

"When it comes to being a complete artist you need to develop a personal relationship with the fans and the best way to do this is by enticing them with a story they can't turn off, whilst making it catchy enough to sing along with," says Mareko.

'White Sunday' includes collaborations with Inspectah Deck, Beatnuts, Roc Raida, Tha Liks and production by E-Swift, Da Beatminerz, Emile, Scram Jones and fellow New Zealander P Money.

Catch Mareko performing tracks from his LP "White Sunday".

Savage, also a member of the South Auckland based Deceptikonz, started off with battling and MC'ing with his group of friends in his neighbourhood. Ever since the Deceptikonz started, it has been non-stop
for Savage, who will be releasing his debut album, 'Moonshine' in Australia in the not-too-distant future.

In 2004 Savage joined fellow MC's Scribe, Con Psy & producer P-Money in winning the Songwriter of the year award for "Not Many - the Remix" at The 2004 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards.

Savage will be performing new material from his forthcoming album 'Moonshine'.

Joining the guys on stage will be Weapon X & Ken Hell, DJ A-Style and Sydney DJ Peter Gunz.

FRIDAY 26TH November 2004 - DOORS OPEN 9PM

Laundry - 50 Johnston Street, Fitzroy

Tickets $17 are only available at the door
To secure priority entry call 9695 7810 - get in early!