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Lasergun's Quantum Leap Year Extravaganza

Author: Sara Giampa
Tuesday, February 17, 2004
Could this be the last Lasergun for four years-- No fucken way!

But it sure is the last time you'll see February 29 for a while… So let's see it off in style!

Honkytonks is proud to present, for only one night every four years, the Lasergun Quantum Leap Year Extravaganza!

Our very special guests for the night will be none other than Xian LIVE and Not so Happy Jan… Xian, ( aka Christian Bishop ) is like a cross between Phil Collins and Aphex Twin or Nintendo and a jack hammer… contemporary audio for the discerning electro-head.

Not Happy Jan is Melbourne's answer to Jacques Lu Cont… by that we mean he's got an interesting name and he drives the ladies wild! (both on the dancefloor and elsewhere ;)…

And of course, you'll get to experience the full sonic force of our delightful, young and naïve resident DJs…

Dave (that wasn't me in the wig and the yellow terry-towel dress!) Pham,

Mike (no, I did not really say "I've got more balls than Keno") Callander, and

Ladies Love Nigel Reynolds, aka Agent 86, the naughty nurse!

So, join us for the last February 29 party you'll see in four long years!

Bring your hot pants and your Olympic Medal, if you've got one…

Did we mention It's Free- We'll it is, so no you can't get on the fucking guest list 'cause there ain't one….

All this happens at Honkytonks on, you guessed it… Sunday February 29!