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Tuesday, December 14, 2004
Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You
Ipecac Recordings 2003

No longer a kid anymore, Kid606 has found himself at the forefront of America's burgeoning independent electronic music world, continually striving against adversity, surpassing
expectations & breaking the rules.

Kid606's second album for ipecac Recordings "Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You" successfully manages to bring you to a firey musical climax. Although only his third proper album, this record manages to be the definitive kid606 release.

"Kill" merges all the thoughts & ideas previously spewed out by Kid606 while advancing to the next level of over the top danceable power electronic technopunkhyper rave gabber junglist madness. Songs like "The Illness", "Woofer Wrecker" &"Ecstasy Motherfucker" are pure tension-and-release dancefloor stormers, oozing with sweaty breakbeat energy, dynamic noise & grinding acid riffs. "Who Wah Kill Sound" & "Buckle Up" (featuring accomplished UK dancehall MC Wayne Lonesome) are the albums tribunal ragga junglist anthemswhere thunderous beats & booming basslines collide with thrashing gabber kicks, dirty rave blasts & monstrous police siren wails & screeches.

Altogether the album shows off Kid606's most accessible & innovative work to date moving at a rabid pace across a consciously schizozoid emotional spectrum you just wont find anywhere else. An angst induced thrill ride of an album inspired by todays fucked up computer complicated world, & the likes of 2 Bad Mice, Jeff Mills, Aphex Twin & The Prodigy's early work.