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Joey & Norman Jay MBE present: Good Times 4/ Norman Jay Presents Philadelphia

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Sunday, August 29, 2004
"We at Good Times are suitably thrilled with this latest selection and feel ALL the tracks listed below FULLY warrant their inclusion here on Good Times 4. We also strongly feel this quality collection STILL maintains the rich musical pedigree, diversity and above all, quality of our previous Good Times albums and totally reflects our eclectic musical ethos whilst at the same time intimating to the casual listener just where 'we are at' musically in 2004." (Norman Jay,

Writing on his website blog just days before the start 2004's Notting Hill Carnival, UK DJ pioneer and legend Norman Jay was clearly buzzing with excitement about the release of his annual Carnival CD, not least because the CD consists entirely of tracks intended for maximum carnival play. From radio friendly new hits like Estelle's 1980 and Shapeshifter's Lola's Theme to classic soul from the likes of James Brown, Billy Paul and LTD, the double CD covers all Good Times' bases, in keeping with Jay's unchallengable DJ background.

From hanging out at New York's Paradise Garage in the 70s to giving Judge Jules his first big break in London's pre-acid house warehouse party scene of the 80s, Jay's always been a central figure in club culture, creating, promoting and living the dance life. And Good Times, his gigantic West London annual block party within the Carnival, marks the spot where he's rightly revered as one of Britain's (and the world's genuinely most influential DJs.)

Norman Jay Presents Philadelphia also includes more than a few cuts of Good Times carnival ilk, though is a carefully selected set of 20 tunes culled from Philadelphia's golden era of 1973-81. Less accessible than Good Times, it'll nevertheless delight soul fans and like Good Times, is deliberately unmixed.

Genre: Soul/ funk/ eclectic

Rating: 8/10 Good Times: 7/ 10 Philadelphia