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Jason Donovan Joins Birmingham's 'Future Of Clubbing'

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Monday, January 26, 2004
Midlands clubbing organisation Miss Moneypennys are launching a new retro disco cabaret-style night at their Birmingham venue HQ, centred around live performances from the likes of Geno Washington, The Real Thing and Jason Donovan.

"Our aim is to put fun, glamour and entertainment back into the scene, people are bored with bars and unoriginal clubbing," Moneypennys/ HQ director Dermot Ryan explained.

"There is a real need to re-inject excitement back into Birmingham."

Whether characters like Jason Donovan can transform Birmingham nightlife remains to be seen, though the soap actor turned manufactured pop star turned ludicrous West End musical mainman certainly qualifies on the kitch front.

"My biggest dark days were spent trying to be cool. But actually cool is bullshit," Donovan told the Standard of his days chasing fame in the early 90s.

I should have been more relaxed but there I was at the age of 24, running round on stage every night doing (West End musical) Joseph while my friends were listening to Nirvana."

F.L.A.K. opens on February 7 with a Gino Washington performing live. Free VIP tickets are available by telephoning 01021 693 6960 (tickets are being given away on a first come first served basis).