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House Music's Million Dollar Secret

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, October 9, 2004
David Morales revealed the simple formula behind his most commercially successful record Needing You this week and admitted that the 90s anthem came about as a pure fluke.

"It was just a sample idea using two old records I loved and I've had more exposure from it than any other record I've made," The New York star told DJ Magazine, adding that he's nowadays come to loathes the ultra repetitive and highly basic track.

"People are always asking me to play it but I wouldn't mind if I never heard it again," Morales admitted. "People forget that you've spent hours in the studio making it, then DJing with it before it came out."

His production methods appear to match those of multi-million selling big beat star Norman 'Fatboy Slim' Cook, whose studio techniques attracted the attention of dance music hating Guardian hack Caroline Sullivan this week, in a poisonous review of his new album Palookaville.

"The amiable Norman Cook has grown rich on the proceeds on one idea- he pastes together a vocal line from Song A and a rhythm track (could be funk, could be house) from Song B, creating an irritatingly catchy Song C (eg 1998's Rockafeller Skank)," Sullivan sneered.

"It's been exactly four years since Cook's last album, which is exactly the time it has taken for 'check it out now, the funk soul brother' to stop whirling round one's head," she said.

Palookaville is out now on Skint Records; David Morales' new album 2 Worlds Collide is out October 18 on Play It Again Sam.