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Honkytonks Cup Eve with HMC

Author: Hardware
Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Monday 1st November
Support: Jason Martin, Peter Finger, Askew, Boogs & Ant J Steep (4 decks, fx and 2 mixers)

You down with aitcH emM Cee- Yeah you know me! The race has been run, don't risk your money, put it all on the winner: HMC, the people's champion from Adelaide. The man with all the juice, the dirt and the class. 5 hour morning set. First past the post. Enough said.

Fresh off their lastest doping scandal, we have Dirty Talk's resident DJs, Jason Martin, Peter Finger and Askew, getting things started in the mounting yards. And then to guarantee you the ride of your life, Boogs and Ant. J. Steep are breaking-out the whips and riding high in the saddle on 4 decks, FX and 2 mixers. House Master Cam.

Cup eve. Honkytonks. It's better than a roll in the hay!
9pm - very late. Honkytonks, Duckboard Place, City.


Real Name: Carmelo Bianchetti
Also records as: HMC
Has Recorded with others as: Dirty House Crew, DJ HMC And Cinnaman, DJ Rob Little vs DJ HMC


DJ HMC was one of the first Australian DJs to import the House vibe to the southern Hemisphere (playing in Adelaide and Melbourne). HMC was playing the then evolutionary sounds of Baby Ford & the Beatmasters, as well as the Chicago house sound. His formidable sets at ground breaking clubs like Metro in the late 80s, gained him a cult like following in his home town and a reputation that led him overseas on many occasions, to play at some of the biggest parties in Europe (Mayday) and sets in the UK in the mid 90s.

His studio work is now as synonymous as his DJ'ing, with all his releases finding much success in the bigger European market. Internationally, he is well recognised for his tracks for Juice Records: Dirty Acid Trax, Dirty House, Data, Vast Recordings, Undefined Recordings and ---.

DJ HMC's first solo EP on Dirty House (Phreakin') went to number 1 in the German Dance charts and stayed there for weeks. This set the pace for further Dirty House releases, and HMC's solo music career. His first release on Juice back in 1991, titled '100% Juice by Vitamin HMC. This was a limited 500 pressing, and was later licensed to Music Man.

"DJ HMC had created a track which they knew was worth committing to wax. The first EP was born from wanting to put something tangible on vinyl rather than with the purpose of starting a label."

Many still regard HMC as Australia's premier techno DJ/producer. Some hold him in high regard for releases and past performances covering acid house, deep house, and tech house. Others know that he can play hard techno that will send you home whimpering. HMC has also apparently penned lyrics for his brother Rob's 12" house releases.

Throughout the late 80's and early 90's, the Adelaide club scene was held in high regard within Australian music circles, primarily due to the success of HMC, who captivated the first generation of house & techno enthusiasts, playing a mix of music that still sets a precedent for modern dance music.