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George W Revives Reefer Madness

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, July 31, 2004
President Bush has ordered America's drug agencies to switch resources from fighting cocaine and heroin to marijuana, according to a report on this week's Observer.

"Unfortunately a lot of today's parents are under the impression marijuana is harmless and that their kids trying it is some kind of rite of passage," said US drug chief Jennifer de Vallance, explaining the surprising policy switch.

"Today's forms are much stronger and potentially more harmful," she claimed.

The latest Republican crackdown on spliff came two years after the Bush administration circulated a memo urging prosecutors to show no mercy to smokers, declaring "marijuana and violence are linked . . . no drug matches the threat posed by marijuana.

Pot smokers hoping for more rationality if Democratic Presidential John Kerry gets elected, however, are likely to be disappointed according to an alarming report published in Reason magazine last week.

"Anyone who thinks a vote for John Kerry means a vote for a more liberalized approach to drug policy should think again," warned Mike Krause and Dave Kopel from the respected US think tank the Independence Institute.

"Candidate Kerry's choice for Homeland Security Advisor, Rand Beers, is a seasoned drug warrior who has already shown his loyalty to the well being of the drug war, no matter how many lives it destroys, or how many narco- terrorists are enriched along the way," they revealed.