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Failed Dance Editor Blames Dance Magazines For Club Decline

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Saturday, January 10, 2004
Malik Meer, the last editor of now defunct dance magazine Muzik, launched a surprising attack on UK dance magazines this week, suggesting their failure to depict dance culture as an underground phenomenon eventually damaged mainstream clubland.

"The dance culture as a whole got lazy," Meer told the Independent.

"It came to be perceived as one thing: this cheesy, superclub, larging-it lifestyle, and the magazines ended up representing just the girls, the drugs and Ibiza . . . The next generation thought 'That's a bit naff, I wouldn't mind skate-punk metal. "

Though Muzik was one of the key titles promoting naff superclub, larging-it lifestyles (and Ibiza), Meer's predecessor editor Conor McNicholas also turned on the culture he'd helped create as soon as he left the magazine declaring, "it was fun, it was a great party, but now we're having the hangover."

Coincidentally McNicholas left Muzik to become editor of indie rock weekly NME, where he was recently joined by one Malik Meer (as the paper's new deputy editor).